Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nearing the end of the Dinghy build

Iroko runners and keel epoxied on. 

I glued on the inwales and gunwales today using stikaflex.  They should have been epoxied on but after filleting in the seats, sheathing over them, sheathing the outside of the hull and gluing on the runners my epoxy was once again gone. Thats 6kgs of epoxy now and I'm not buying anymore, The weave will have to be filled out with the epoxy primer I have.
I could do with just a drop more to reglue the skeg, I was very nearly out of hardener and as it turns out there just wasn't enough to get it to set hard so it needs redoing.

Seats all sheathed over

I had very little timber lying around to make the gunnels, so I ended up cutting them out of the base of Teals old mast which just happened to be long enough. I bought 4 nylon rowlock mounts, They are cheap and used with nylon rowlocks should be nice and quiet. I may get one more for the transom or else cut a skuling notch.

Need to sand it all down now and get it primed, Gonna need it early in the week. Topcoat may have to wait.

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