Thursday 27 December 2012

A drink on Teal

I headed down today to finish the plank I started the other day and was greeted
by a package addressed to Teal. To my surprise it was a bottle of whiskey and
a card from Andy Rankin who sailed Teal to the Baltic a few years back and
had just recently come across this blog and felt we deserved a drink for our efforts.
I would like to say a big thank you to him for a very kind gesture which is very
much appreciated.
We will certainly make good use of it, we have at least on one occasion over
indulged in a bottle or two of whiskey to the entertainment of our other halves.
I will spare a drop for Teal and there is an open invitation to come and teach us
how to sail her. Cheers

On another note, I steamed in that plank and removed another old short larch
plank and a piece of the adjoining pitch pine one, mainly to extent it a bit and
eliminate a large knot with a split running around it. The starboard side is starting
to look much better.
I also got a new camera for Christmas so I took a few random pics.

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