Friday 21 December 2012

We're still here 'better continue'

So the mayans must have just got fed up making there calender then, Not
that I'd buy in to these things but I did have a glance around the boatyard
when I got there to find the best apocalypse shelter near by to Teal and
came to the conclusion Nicks steel yacht was my best bet if s**t hit the fan.
Then I got back to business.
I had fastened two planks in place a few days ago and held one in temporarily,
when I looked at it this morning and clamped it up tighter I realised there was
no need to take it out again so I fastened it in as well.
I then tacked on my batten and set out, cut, planed and backed out the longer
plank above it. I've left it in place now under strain so by the next day it will
have taken the shape a little before I make final adjustments and steam it.
So far so good, I'm beginning to enjoy the planking process although it does
take quite a bit of time.
I've been told a few times that planking a whole side is much easier that doing
repair planking and I can see why. Making a plank fit between two others
tightly is pretty tough.

Anyway thats that until after Christmas, I hope to get that plank in and maybe
one more before the year is out and start the new year fairly on target.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a good one.

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