Wednesday 5 December 2012

Started planking

I had a good long day to myself today, so I started by calling into a local joinery
where the owner has a long running interest in boats and picked up three 4.500mtr
lengths of 12 x 1 iroko to use for planking. Pitch pine would just be too much time
and hassle to source and I just want to keep things moving along, Iroko is widely
used in modern wooden boat building anyway although it is an expensive material.
Anyway I then set up bit of a working area in the tent and went about chiseling
out around the heads of the fore and aft keel bolts so that the rectangle washers can
sit flat on top of the deadwood and bow knee, I had been meaning to do that with
weeks, I still need to find a socket and tighten them up, I could probably torque up
the others again as well, as she has settled onto the ballast more now. You can see
the felt being extruded from under the keel as she settles.
I finally pressed ahead with the first plank. Its my first time planking and I had spent
plenty of time reading and studying spiling but as per usual I was quickly shown a
simpler Hegarty's method.
I have the first plank cut out and it seems to be fitting in but it will require steaming
before it will twist into place, I also need to do the backing out to let it sit properly
on the frames but for now at least I have broken the ice and made a start.

It has a lot of twisting left to do

I was just thinking about how to steam my planking and had an idea. The picture below is a
cold smoker I made for smoking fish, bacon etc, It has the fire in the base and over it is, as near
as makes no difference a boiler, I usually fill the top with oak shavings but I guess it would be 
equally as good for making steam, Just need to stick a steam box/pipe on the outlet instead, I 
have also recently started putting the blowtorch in the door and turning it down low so I can run it
on gas instead of solid fuel which means I can leave it work for hours on end. 
Will have to try it out.                   

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