Friday 14 December 2012


Well I spent two days at the boat this week, Wednesday Ken came with me
and he made a start at removing the deck, so far the deck beams etc look
good but theres still a lot left to uncover.
I cut out two shutter planks, I just clamped them and copied them as the originals
were in one piece and spent a good while getting the plank I spiled backed out
and fitting nicely.
Today I continued with one of the shutter planks, I used the grinder with a flapdisk
to do the backing out as Iroko is pretty crap stuff to use a hand plane on. I
spent a good long while on that plank but I think it will do the trick.
I also made up the steam box and had a go a steaming the spiled plank, I steamed
it for an hour and a half and it seemed to twist in to place relatively easily. I'll
have to take it out again to make adjustments but I wanted to try out the steamer.
Apparently 212 degrees is the magic temperature for the steam box although I just
guessed, it was bloody hot inside it though.
I need to go down for a few hours to plug the old fastening holes in the frames and
prime them before I permanently fasten the planks on.

I could have done with holding on to the money for Christmas but I forked out for the gas to make life easier

This is the one I steamed, you can see how much it flexed compared to the pic  in the last post when it was dry

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