Monday 10 December 2012


I tried out the smoker today to see if it will work as a steamer and it went
quite well. I picked up two lengths of 9x1 and two lengths of 4x1 to make
a steam cabinet. They are around 14 ft long at the moment, I don't know if
that would be too long for the steam to work or not but it should hold any
plank I need to steam, if needs be I'll cut it shorter and let the planks hang out
the end. I'm going to place one end of the cabinet straight on top of the smoker
to eliminate the metal pipe. The pipe length cools the smoke when I'm using it
as a smoker but thats obviously not necessary for this. I don't know whether I'll
use the gas or a fire yet, I guess a fire until I can afford a tank of gas.

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