Sunday 19 January 2014

Big days work

I headed of this morning with a car full and a trailer full of timber. I won't get back down there for a while again so I wanted to get a lot done. It turns out I had at least two good days work with me but I did what I could.
Anyway its another huge leap forward. I started setting up the frames for the side locker doors but decided I better start those fresh another day.
I didn't get much done in the forecabin either but.
The engine cover lid I have brought home and I'm going to make a proper hatch of it, I also want to varnish or paint it before it gets walked on too much. I haven't decided what will be painted and what will be varnished yet.
I got some nice beaded sheeting for the bunk sides which have turned out really nicely.

The space between the two horizontal pieces will be sheeted with the beaded sheeting and the doors I made will go above that and will open down to the level of the worktop.

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