Saturday 11 January 2014

The coming months

I'm having withdrawal symptoms from the boatyard, I've kind of set the boats aside for a few weeks to
finish off another job.
Teal doesn't require a whole lot of time to finish her off. I have a huge amount of the interior on the go
at home, I've started preparing all the boards for the bunktops, engine casing, partitions under the bunks
and various other sheeting as well as varnishing all the cupboard doors. I'm having a pig of a time trying to
get varnish to dry.
Next day I can get to Teal I should have nearly all the interior in tow. The only bits of timber I still need is some Iroko for the cabin sole boards and worktops.
I will probably remove the tent in late February and try and encourage Liam to move her up to the top
of the yard.
I'll be busy with the Boy Scott in March but she will be going back to her mooring in early April and I hope
to be free to concentrate on getting the rigging and remaining jobs on Teal finished off then. Weather dependant I would like to see her afloat in late April/early May.

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