Saturday 25 January 2014


I haven't had a chance to do anything at all with Teal this week, I should be free to get back at it in a fortnights time. I did get a hour today to prepare stuff to go for galvanising this week.
I repaired the gaff saddle and cleaned up the gooseneck and crane, I also made some new plates for the beam-shelf where the beaching legs bolt through.  The old ones look a bit thin and out of shape and the beam-shelf hasn't got any younger so I thought it would be worth beefing them up a little.
Its worth getting as much stuff hot dipped as possible as there is a minimum charge of 25euro for the first 20kg anyway and its only a euro a kg after that. Considering a small can of zinc paint is 25euro its pretty dam good value.

This poorly cut piece of old canvas is a rough template for a cockpit cover, I'm going to drop it off this week and get a new cover made. I'll use the cover whenever the boat is left on the mooring. It'll save the cockpit and save me having to continuously sand and varnish it. I want to get it made now so I'll have it when the tent comes off.


  1. Hi Adrian.
    My name is Ivan Godley, I am from Ballyheigue in north Kerry. I bought Cormac Levis's boat "Frolic". I have been following your blog, and I had a peep in through teals cover lately when I called to Hegartys. It was a daunting task to take on but fair play you are nearly there. I must come and have a look again closer to launch day.
    Kind Regards, Ivan.

  2. Hi Ivan, Nice to hear from you, I haven't seen "Frolic" before, but if the "Saoise Muireann" is anything to go by I'm sure she is lovely. It has been a hell of a lot of work but I do enjoy every minute of it, I wouldn't want to start again but I've learned a lot and I happy I did it, for the boat if nothing else. I can't wait to see her sailing. I will be back at the yard a lot more regularly again in a week or two and will be making the final drive at it.