Wednesday 15 January 2014

More varnishing

Well I've managed to get a second coat of varnish on the cupboard doors. I didn't want to spend loads
on varnish for the interior so I got a can of Dulux yacht varnish off Ken, I think I've been spoiled with the
Epifanes because I'm hating the cheaper stuff. They might look alright after another coat.
The spars on the other hand have had their 3rd coat of Epifanes and are starting to get lovely and shiny.
I've just ordered new eyebolts for the mast and boom and a cheap set of LED nav lights which I'll use as
donors to repair the lovely bronze ones that came off Teal.
Hopefully I might get a chance to get to the boat on Saturday and get a load of stuff done.

The closer one shows the back of the door, this is flush and will form the worktops & chart table when open, The doors are only half the size of a chart so I will have to make a 7th door at some point that will fold out to make a full size chart table. Three of them have the flush backs, The other three are just doors

Spars after 3 coats of Epifanes

I got a good price on some 9x2 red deal, I've cut it all down to make a 100 meters of 3 x1. Now I need to plain it all and tongue and groove about half of it. 

Look who we got back, She had ventured 11 miles from home but was quite cosy where she was. 


  1. THe varnish work looks great, got to do the same to my spars over the next few weeks, I hope I can get as good a finish as yours?



  2. Thank you, I'd highly recommend the Epifanes, Its a bit costly but its a large tin and it takes a lot of coats but the finish is beautiful. I see why people like the stuff so much.

  3. I am in the middle of my own second restoration on my classic yacht and am seeing you have come a good long way on yours, I hope to get my classic yacht finished by may this year and go sailing round the east coast of england where I live.

  4. O I have come across your blog before, Probably on intheboatshed. MaiStar 2 certainly bears a resemblance to Teal. We should be ready around the same time then. The sailing in the summer will definitely feel well earned