Thursday 30 January 2014


Leo recommended Tom Cunliffes book Hand,Reef & Steer to us when
we first bought Teal, so Ken picked up a copy a while back.
I had read through it but without any practical knowledge of a Gaff rig, reading was all I was doing.
Now that I have gone over every little detail of the boat and the rig it now makes sense so I am studying
it carefully.
Its goes through the history of the rig, the advantages and disadvantages, setting up and finally to sailing
it. I will have to go through the sailing part again when I am at that point but for now the setting up part is
great. There is also a paragraph about the handling characteristics of yachts with offset propellers and the joys of terrifying everyone with your bowsprit.
I'm not concerned about handling the boat in general as I'm well used to that, but the only sailing I have ever done on a Gaff rigged boat is a few hours on Leo's Ketch Sile a dó so there will be a lot of learning to do when we get Teal out on open water. Getting excited now.

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