Thursday 15 May 2014


I read through the article that was written about Teal in Yachting Monthly 1914 last night because I thought that her ballast was mentioned. It was. She had 24 3/4 cwt external ballast and about 1/2 a ton internal as well as the engine and iron beaching legs stowed in the bilge so that helps explain her being so far off her marks.
I spent most of the day rummaging around the yard looking for lumps of Iron. With some help from Leo to get it all across the rafted boats I filled the bilges and most of the nooks and cranny's I could. She is a lot closer now but I still need more aft on the port side, the rest I will have to put down to her being fresh and dry and I will probably have to lower the waterline a little next season. She is a lot less tender now when you step aboard.
I've been letting her run in gear to load the engine and get some hours on it before we set off down river, I had a bit of a problem with the inner shaft bearing heating but I'm now pretty satisfied that its sorted and the other thing is she isn't charging so I might pull out the alternator tomorrow to try and rectify that.

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