Friday 9 May 2014

Ready to move

Well the weather is not cooperating for the weekend so we haven't made a move yet. If this evening had stayed dry we may have loaded her on a trailer but it didn't so we might get round to it tomorrow. Once on the trailer she can be moved up to the crane to get the rig up.
We fitted the gooseneck, shrouds and all the halyards and have them all tied off in organised chaos.
The same goes for the mizzen mast and all the other various bits of rig are ready to go. I need to do a little work on the spreaders because they seem to have no way of attaching them to the mast, I don't know how they were held on before.
I fitted the soleboards and worktops as well and finished off the aft toerail and gave it a coat of woodskin.

All cleared and ready to move

A very nearly complete interior. I don't have the money for new cushions at the moment but I found these pretty cheap and they will do nicely for the time being.

Need to make belay pins asap 

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