Monday 19 May 2014

Getting ready to go

There hasn't been much to tell since she went in the water.
I've been doing bits and pieces to have her fit to leave.  We had the insurance survey Thursday morning and I spent Friday afternoon trying to splice wire to rope for the running backstays. Finally got a result I was happy with after about 2 hours. I didn't get to Teal over the weekend but I did drop off the alternator to have it checked out and made a cap for the rudder stock. I spliced the other backstay today and made up the span for the gaff, oiled the leather bits, fitted the rudder cap and fitted an anti-syphon loop for the engine as well as various other little jobs.
We're planning on heading to Baltimore on Wednesday morning and hopefully squeezing in a little sailing.
I didn't take any pics because it was raining today but I was given a few more of the launch day.
Thanks very much to Helen for those.

There is a lot more rig now with the boom, gaff and running backstays all in place. Didn't even realise Ken was on board until I saw these. 

Boat load of kids

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