Thursday 8 May 2014


The updates are pretty much daily at the moment, Lots of bits and pieces need to come together to get the rig up.
I've wrapped the bowsprit traveller and the gaff saddle is in progress.
I made up the worktops and just went and sanded them and gave them a coat of varnish. The soleboards are varnished so I just painted the underside with aluminium primer. I might give the underside a coat of bilge paint before their fixed down.
I've had the rigging screws soaking in diesel for the last few weeks, I took them out today but they were still pretty well seized. After a good bit of hammering and working everything loose I eventually got them all freed up nicely. For a while I was sure they were never going to work again.

I got a good link for the leather work off of which was very handy.
I wasn't very particular about it but it will do just fine, I used the point of a wing bit to punch the holes and sail repair twine to stitch it. I need to treat the leather with something to waterproof it. Ken keeps some bees and has bees wax so I may try that.

Worktops glued up. They are now sanded and varnished and look really nice.

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