Wednesday 21 May 2014

Made it to Baltimore

Well we made it in time for the 2014 Baltimore wooden boat festival. The guys were at Teal at 8.15 this morning to finish the swaging and were nearly finished when I arrived so we headed away around 11am.
We put up the staysail going down the river to give her a taste but unfortunately that was all the sailing we got in.
We made it into the pier for lunchtime but with some mechanical issues, The treads on the retaining nut for one of the rocker arms failed and raised the compression and blew one of the head gaskets, I had to pull it straight out because there was salt water getting into the cylinder, I'm going to pick up a head set in the morning and hopefully get her back up and running tomorrow. Maybe Andy Rankin had a point we he through out her old engine !
Either way she's arrived and happily swinging on a mooring.

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